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With the understanding that people are more than just physical beings, a collateral benefit of working at that level very well may extend into the mental and emotional realm also. The continual quest for knowledge and an inquisitive student approach to each session give rise to a more therapeutic style of treatment. The addition of eastern medicine principles to the framework broadens the scope of practice, offering even more tools to facilitate health. Though, fundamentally, people essentially have the same parts, often there are subtle, intricate details that set each person apart and thereby prompt each session to move in a slightly different direction. Identifying and effectively addressing these details are crucial in the success of efforts to help each person advance in their healing process!

Acupuncture Tools

In athletics, the capacity to sustain physical taxation on the body and still achieve the
highest level of performance is contingent upon the appropriate interventive treatment. Personal experience with sports ranging from ballet and gymnastics to crew, basketball, and various martial arts has promoted the development of such qualities as physical stamina, patience, and drive to work intently and intuitively. Enduring the physical, mental, and emotional rigors of sports firsthand lends irreplaceable insight as to the condition of athletes and weekend warriors alike in search of customized treatment that corresponds with the wear and tear on their bodies.


Each session is used to systematically address the discrepancies that impede the esteemed optimal outcome. Traveling the world inevitably opens the door for experience with cultural elements that play a significant role in how one might view and approach health. Time spent in Europe and Asia, in particular, has enhanced awareness and appreciation of cultures and a variety of personalities across a vast spectrum of socioeconomic classes. This exposure has certainly been useful in terms of considering and interpreting the goals and values of patrons to the craft.

Even though West Los Angeles and adjacent communities (particularly Beverly Hills,
Brentwood, Century City, Cheviot Hills, and Rancho Park) claim the bulk of the Therapeutic Element service, a healthy following in San Diego and various communities along the way (i.e., Laguna Niguel and Huntington Beach) is still congruently maintained. Regarding dedication to the craft, healthcare-centric learning has been a consistent theme over the years. A B.A. in Spanish from the University of Evansville (Indiana) with a year of study abroad at La Universidad de Alicante (Spain) was followed by training in neuromuscular therapy. After a few years of work experience came additional academic accomplishments including both a Master’s of Science and a Doctorate in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College in Santa Monica.

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