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Certified Massage Therapist, ART (Active Release Provider), Pain Management, Deep Tissue, La Stone Therapy, and Lymphatic Massage

Text or Call: 310-634-3437

Hand Massage

Kim Korljan is a South Bay native who has 26 years of experience in lymph drainage body points and facilitating pregnancy massage. As a master of her craft, you are not only guaranteed a very relaxing experience, but she also gets your lower back and hips pain-free, and can fix any of your sciatica issues!

Before she was seven years old, Kim was creating hand-built pottery and hascontinued this passion throughout her life. She applied her gifted hands into massage, and eventually became an ART (Active Release Technique) provider for sports injuries. She combines hands-on soft tissue manipulation with a cold laser light that expedites the healing of the tissue. Each treatment is customized for clients' individual needs. If you like sound bath as another healing dimension, Kim can blend ocean drums, bell and dorg, ting shaws, rain stick, and a rattle into your session. When the weather cools down, you'll float away with a hot rock foot-trigger-point massage.

Through her company, Deepwork, Kim has prevented surgery for carpal tunnel, as well as elbow-athletes in sports like tennis, pickleball, and golf. Many of her clients are referred over from the tennis and pickleball pros at the Manhattan Country Club. TV and film productions at the Manhattan Beach Studios entrust their wellness to Kim, and the medics call upon her for any injuries on set. She has gratitude for her healing abilities and is very excited to share the incredible work she does!

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