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Distance Healing & Bio-resonance Healing

Satya is devoted to empowering women to claim their Radiant Beauty, inside and out, with truly natural, healing facials and her signature light baths to clear stagnant and dulling energies.

Healing Stones
Clean beauty facials in Manhattan Beach.

With a refreshing rawness and rare authenticity, Satya uses many different tools to co-create each unique and powerful Radiant Beauty Ritual session.

When a woman is spiritually nourished and energetically clear, she is not absorbing energies from other people or toxic situations and she connects easily to her inner wisdom that is always there, ready to shine. This brings ease to making decisions that serve our skin and total well being.

“I love empowering sensitive women, empaths, and busy mothers to practice radical self care by keeping an energetically clear space, create clear boundaries, choose Clean Beauty products and receive high vibrational facials and healing sessions. 

I see easily who you are underneath any traumas or pain! You’re so lovable, even and maybe even especially, in your vulnerability. Now, go stop some traffic, you Radiant Beauty you!”

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