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Dr. Jessica Sharratt

DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M.

Dr. Jessica Sharratt is a highly specialized practitioner in Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine, with a primary focus on women's health, hormone balance, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum support.  She is the founder of Heal EastWest and is dedicated to fostering truly holistic well-being through a collaborative and community-based approach.

Dr. Jessica Sharratt Fertility acupuncturist in Manhattan Beach

Dr. Jessica Sharratt, a distinguished expert in Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine, specializes in women's health, hormone balance, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum support. Founder of Heal EastWest, she is committed to fostering holistic well-being through collaboration and community.


Her journey into holistic health began with a keen interest in nutrition, culminating in a degree in Nutritional Sciences. Inspired by her grandfather's garden and her time living in Oahu, she developed a profound understanding of plant medicine and herbalism. Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine seamlessly integrated into her wellness philosophy, complementing her background in food and herbal wellness.


Driven by personal experiences with infertility and pregnancy loss, Dr. Jessica passionately supports women facing similar struggles. She has supported hundreds of women with fertility, pregnancy and hormone balance. Empowering women with information and support, her innovative preconception planning approach aims to enhance fertility opportunities. She guides women and couples through all fertility stages, emphasizing key preconception pillars for holistic well-being.


Licensed and California board–certified, Dr. Jessica employs ancient practices like acupuncture, cupping, and herbal medicine, alongside modern modalities such as functional health, nutritional counseling, and cutting-edge wellness technology. 


Holding a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, she continuously pursues further certifications in women's health and fertility. Trained as a functional health practitioner and certified fertility coach, she actively advocates and educates on fertility issues.


Dr. Jessica's collaborative healthcare dedication shines in her private practice, where she partners with practitioners to address challenging conditions and holistically support women throughout the reproductive life cycle. Her unwavering passion for holistic well-being makes her a valuable asset to your fertility and wellness team.

Schedule a preconception planning or reproductive care consultation with Dr. Jessica.

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