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Hi, I’m Bernadette, your Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healer. I’m trained in the Usui Reiki Ryoho tradition. I treat adults and children – even children in the womb. My sessions are a combination of Reiki, Mediumship, and Intuitive guidance.

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Reiki Treatment
Reiki in Manhattan Beach, CA

Learning Reiki was like having a switch turned on for me; it opened more intuitive and spiritual gifts the more I practiced. As an intuitive, I hear and feel information.

I have a private practice in Manhattan Beach, Ca. My practice focuses on helping to support personal growth, healing relationships, and promoting whole health wellness for those who suffer from mental or emotional health issues, or from addiction. My father is a pediatrician and my mother was a pediatric nurse. I believe I inherited their innate ability to connect with and understand children.

I see my role as a catalyst to begin your healing, or as a guide to continue on your healing journey. I want to help others achieve balance and peace in their lives by releasing stored traumas that hold them back or interfere with their quality of life.


Let's work together to figure out the root causes of your physical or emotional pain, the challenges and patterns, so you can be healed and live the life you want to live.

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